I’m a dreamer.  I always dream of the better world, and there’s none of any definition that fits the ideal world in my dreams.  That’s because the world keeps changing, and the ideal world keeps being redefined. I love to visualize people’s dreams so that they can share their dreams with others.

Great Advice

A great talent, sailing in the wrong direction will, like the lost pilot breaking the speed record, reach the wrong destination all the more quickly. — Bill Bernbach – Co-Founder of DDB Needham

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler. — Albert Einstein

Plan your route, and foresee all possible obstacles ahead of you so that you can successfully rush towards your destination within the shortest possible time frame.  — Myself, ehehehehe



You can call me a Superman, or from the sign on my chest, Wonder Woody, eheheheh.

I’m a dream visualizer as I can help visualize your dreams for sharing.  Based on our pre-agreed presentation concepts, your target audiences will see and understand how amazing your dreams could be.


To contact me, please send email to thaiwoody.com(nospam)@gmail.com